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Elegomall www.elegomall.com


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Staro 18-09-2017, 12:25   #1
Product Support
Registrovan: Apr 2017
Lokacija: ShenZhen, China
Postovi: 628
E-cig: Joyetech, Aspire, Kanger, Innokin, Eleaf and so on
Pohvala: 2
Pohvaljen: 8
Nivo reputacije: 37
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Uobičajeno 【REVIEW】Uwell Valyrian Atomizer Details Review

This is valyrian tank made by uwell, uwell is also known for their sub ohm tanks ,that’s been their claim to fame started with crown one , now they are on the crown 3 which has been out for a while i think they should put out the crown 3 mini or something , i wasn’t crazy about it that they are a little bit overhyped,especially the first one one the cotton tasted like pure butt and it just took a lot for those coils to work in , the first generation of it wasn’t actually a bad one , i just think that was not worth it personally .now i did like crown 3 i had good luck with that one , you guys already know where the name valyrian came from because if you are a game of thrones fans like myself , if you are not , what’s matter with ya, just start watching it .it’s worth to be subscription on HBO by itself . I am not here to explain history of game of thrones and mother of dragons stuff like that .

let’s get into this tank it’s a fairly basic sub ohm tank it’s got really nice filling method , you got a little botton here and the cap just springs open .it has 0.15 ohm head , but it dose come with different pins so that we will reduce the air flow through that coil head , it also has different shapes .it made for high watts for sure.it has 5 ml of liquid capacity and 25 millimeters in diameter and it also comes in a lot of various colors .

you will see to have interesting packaging they do like tubes and which is cool i can respect that ,you also gonna have a extra drip tips has this little condom over the top of it .you are going to have some spare parts like a coil, a thick manual and a noticed card .25 millimeters in rainbow version, which is a good looking one ,58 millimeters length ,510 thread for the drip tips (obvisouly the originals get little bit loose with other tanks ).

you have your air flow control wtih 3 slots , got some nice texture . Uwell also put some extra special material to help with heat dissipation,chimney,,there is a 8 millimeter bore through the whole head ,you’ll see a really thick layer wicking around the whole thing .it’s really big single coil single bore or hole and there’s not as much wicking so , i don’t have any leaking problem in past 3 weeks ,but just keep it in mind there is thinner wicking there . so if you look inside the base there ‘s just the flat disc and that’s connected to those pins . the spike one will reduce it to 95-105 watts and another one will get it to 100-120 watts .i can’t tell a huge difference that .

it feels really solid after wet , no movement no rattle .

it’s a very simple sub ohm tank it dosen’t have an rba section on it , so you could see that’s a con , you just gonna get one type of coil with 0.15 ohm .

it’s a stellar stellar stellar sub ohm tank . i get very decent flavor from this ,it has a nice smooth swooshy .As a big fan of this tank from top to bottom ,there is literally nothing to complain about .those sticker or pins , they won’t change the flavor at all ,but a little bit on the air flow.It’s occasinal dry hit so it’s a good idea when you see the juice down below the that line, just fill more to make it keeping higher than it .No REAL vape budget hands needed on this tank although .I didn’t know valyrian tanks will come out so soon after we just had a really good experiences on crown 3 or crown 3 mini . this is a amazing sub ohm tank with very very low filling.
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