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Elegomall www.elegomall.com


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Staro 29-09-2017, 02:51   #1
Product Support
Registrovan: Apr 2017
Lokacija: ShenZhen, China
Postovi: 628
E-cig: Joyetech, Aspire, Kanger, Innokin, Eleaf and so on
Pohvala: 2
Pohvaljen: 8
Nivo reputacije: 37
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Uobičajeno 【REVIEW】Flax paper 2nd generation-Arco 2 tank by Horizontech review

Flax paper 2nd generation-Arco 2 tank by Horizontech review - ElegoMall

Hey fellows, Elego back another thread again with a pretty new and impressive tank its 2nd generation- Arco 2 tank by horizontech.This unique sub ohm tank utilizes flax paper (Link to 1st Arco tank)the wicking.The outside of it looks like pretty simple sub ohm tanks ,it comes with more different colors.You may just think this is another sub ohm tank but the thing that really interests me with this is the material that they are using for wicking.

It has an outer layer on the coil head of cotton, but what is touching the actual coils the inner layer is made out of flex paper a lot of you guys may be like you are into like health and stuff
like that.

You are going to get a 25-millimeter diameter sub ohm tank ,it dosesn't equip a sleeve for juicing up like 1st generation ,which i do like a lot.The drip tips sleeve is just fine .The silver version doesn't have colored glass tank like others that they say it is a vacuum planted glass tube.It also has knurling around .We have 2 airflow holes instead of 3 ones compared the passed one much like tfv8 and all stuff like that .

Referring the coils ,unfortunately Horizon doesn't give us spec about what wires or what the wires are made of being material on the package or coils.We got 2 pcs of T6 coils that are a dual wrap triple coil so basically 6 stands of wire.Flax paper surrounding the coil so basically the cotton is going to soak the liquid from the outside and then the flax paper soaking the liquid from the cotton .So the coils is going to be vaporizing the liquid straight from flax paper .I’ve been using this for 2 days with 90 watts, it gets plenty of flavors even if I fill this up with sweet liquid they usually gunk up coils sooner.

The coil can hold more liquid than cotton and sends it straight to the coil improving flavor and overall the flavor of sweet .Flax paper also reduces dry and burnt hits by higher burning points by itself.After 2 days experienced ,i did found the flaovr on those coils to be amazing ,flex paper is that fact that they left longer giving you this same.Another good one is if you leave with liquid inside to most of sub ohm tanks ,they basically tend to leak.But even with 3 days left ,there wasn’t even any humidity on the bottom.

We can’t really meet a plenty of good sub ohm tanks with good flavor , durable life, ungunky , etc in the same device, so why don’t you go to Elegomall to grab that one you would love?
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e-cigSerbia Forum > Prodaja i podrška proizvoda > Vendors > Elegomall

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